Our Story

In the fields of public policy and public affairs at the national level, the Estell Group is an advocate for excellence and champion of innovation. The Estell Group is an incomparable team of accomplished, bi-partisan, full-service and best-in-class firm specializing in outreach and engagement of Congress, executive branch agencies, and diverse communities. Our government relations services are seamlessly integrated with our awarding-winning strategic 360° communications offerings including insight, planning, public relations, marketing, media, mobile, interactive and digital channels. The firm is headquartered in Washington, DC.

We are singularly focused on achieving exemplary results for our clients and committed to leveraging on behalf of our clients the substantive and procedural knowledge, goodwill, credibility and respect we have built with Members of Congress, federal agency officials and stakeholder communities.

The Estell Group team members successfully have represented every category of organization – public, private, non-profit – including but not limited to national associations, Fortune 100 corporations, universities, hospitals, local, county and state governments in almost every sector and policy area — since 1993.

Our vision is clear; we’re here to offer relevant trusted advice to our clients, shape federal policy and demonstrate bold thinking that supports the relevance of now and whatever the future holds.

What We Do

There are more opportunities than challenges for what’s possible. The Estell Group is committed to translating our clients’ stories into customized compelling messages, action plans and relationship strategies that transform national policies and programs, reach, educate, engage, mobilize and persuade federal policy makers on one hand, and community stakeholders and other constituencies on the other.

With more than 100 years of collective experience of working with communities, organizations, corporations and brands at the local level, across the US and abroad, we possess a broad perspective and deep understanding of issues and processes that conventional lobbying and communications firms cannot match or replicate.

Our Difference

Built from the ground up to meet our clients’ needs and the changing marketplace, the Estell Group embraces what’s new in the public policy, public affairs, communication and digital environments. We’ve built a full-service bi-partisan federal policy, communications and digital firm that recalibrates the capabilities and talent required today. The Estell Group is comprised of a proven, diverse, cross cultural team of award-winning policy and communications experts, visionaries, change agents and innovators –working with Congress, the White House, federal agencies, local and national organizations, brands and Madison Avenue. And it’s easy to see that our mix of disciplines work together as a single, cohesive team.