Congressional and Executive Branch Outreach

The team of professionals at the Estell Group has worked with five presidents and more than 25 sessions of Congress. We understand the relevance of relationship-building, management and outreach. Oftentimes, having a voice and your perspective effectively communicated at the national level can deliver results and align outcomes in ways that are truly meaningful. With the winds of change associated with the 2014 and upcoming 2016 elections, Estell Group clients are advised and assisted in monitoring and getting to know new members of Congress and their staff, sharing recommendations and information, and strengthening timely communications with the executive branch agencies and the White House.

  • Education and Awareness
  • Relationship Management
  • C-Suite Strategic Counsel
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Site visits

Lobbying (Authorization and Appropriations)

Sometimes laws and policies at the national level need to be implemented, modified or eliminated. In these instances, we assist clients in communicating their recommendations, securing support from members of Congress, their staff and the executive branch in ways that influence outcomes in favor of the clients’ interests.

Coalition-building and Management

Working with coalitions is our forte, and we have spent more than 20 years building and managing models that work. It’s well known in Washington, DC that there is power in numbers. Collective action through coalitions promotes efficiency and effectiveness, strengthens relationships and supports scale. By coming together to work on matters where there are shared or aligned interests, organizations can leverage limited resources, expand reach and maximize impact at the national level and ultimately in the communities they serve.

Cause and Issue Advocacy

Our clients take the causes, the issues, and the people they’re working for to heart. And so do we. Members of the Estell Group team lean into our clients’ interests with a full-throttle commitment and passion. When we engage in cause or issue advocacy on behalf of a client, we treat it as a mission or a campaign, not as an assignment.

Grassroots & Grasstops/ Strategic Partnerships

Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neal once said, “All politics is local.” The relevance of the voice and vote of the folks back home representing grassroots and grasstops interests in communities across the nation cannot be overstated. Working with community leaders to further policies relevant to them and strategic partners in corporate America or the non-profit arena is an area where we excel, particularly as it relates to research, team-building, strategy development, tactical plans, messaging and engagement.

Corporate Transactions Third-Party Outreach

During a time of global competitiveness, consolidation, mergers, acquisitions, disruptive innovation, and changing demographics, large multinational corporations are required to address the demands associated with an increasingly diverse global marketplace. Coupled with market demands, not only is engagement of third-party organizations good for business, it is increasingly required as a matter of public policy.

National leaders and other national voices require that issues related to cross-cultural participation be addressed more robustly in corporate transactions subject to federal review and approval. The Estell Group team has more than two decades of experience in working with members of Congress and the executive branch on policy initiatives, building collaborative multidisciplinary teams and reaching cross-cultural markets in ways that are measurable and impactful.

Diversity and Inclusion (Education, Energy, Financial Services, Health Care, STEM and Telecommunications)

It’s no secret that the world is becoming increasingly diverse. Real opportunity awaits those who adapt and are well-prepared for change. Estell Group has been actively engaged in drafting and developing federal policies across numerous agencies and industry sectors, addressing the need for more professionals in a number of sectors including education, energy, financial services, science, engineering, technology and mathematics, and telecommunications fields. We relish the work we do for nonprofit and corporate clients. Through our efforts, they’re able to enhance their visibility, secure resources, strengthen relationships, implement programs, and ensure organizational objectives are aligned with relevant policy directives.

Hill Days and Advocacy Services

We love it when our clients come to Washington to meet with elected leaders and others engaged with public service. There is real value in being seen and heard. Let us help you help them get a better understanding of what you need. Our suite of offerings include scheduling, coordinating and organizing Hill Days, researching, writing and designing materials needed for branding and messaging. Estell Group team members have scheduled more than 50 Hill Days for organizations large and small, secured client participation in congressional hearings and have produced materials –including petitions, reports, hearing testimony, letter writing and email campaigns– to reach thousands of staff personnel, members of Congress and agency contacts.

Research and Assessment

Research and assessment are relevant elements of quality government affairs representation.  Oftentimes, positioning our clients’ needs and wants in the marketplace of ideas requires that we help them understand the federal landscape, opportunities and challenges, their organizational strengths and weaknesses. Our services include:


  • In-depth policy and special reports on specific topics of interest
  • Legislative and bill analysis
  • Development of surveys and questionnaires for internal and external stakeholders
  • Legislative branch surveys and staff outreach
  • Internal organization surveys
  • Field research


  • Our assessment tools are both internal and external facing.  Use of SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) and PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) analyses and other tools provide a framework for us to assess current market trends and determine the best strategies for our clients.

Advocacy Training and Leadership Development

We provide tools and instruction that support change agents and promote the development of high-impact advocates and transformative and transformational leaders in the community-based, philanthropic, public and private spheres.  The Estell Group’s Advocacy Training and Leadership Development division provides step-by-step training to cause advocates, public officials, organizational heads, and corporate executives. Our team is available to provide organizational development and advocacy training, workshops and related assistance in ways that strengthen organizations, enhance client visibility, relationship engagement and effectiveness at the international, national, local and state levels. Our facilitators and trainers have experience working at the community grassroots level, with corporate board rooms, and everything in between and connected to those environments.  Program participants learn how to develop strategies, manage, organize, write, present and build networks and coalitions in ways that enhance leadership and management skills, transform organizations, and maximize investment and influence at the governmental levels and in the communities and companies where they work.  Our services are customized and available in-person, through retreats and online.  Coaching and consulting services also are available.