Penny Farthing will serve as Director and Counsel to the WMATA team, working closely with the CEO and project manager. Penny is considered one of Washing- ton’s exceptional advisors and operatives. She is a lawyer/lobbyist with more than 30 years of extensive experience in Washington-based problem solving and opportunity creation that maximize growth, revenue and profit. She is considered a lobbyist’s/lobbyist, having served as a former president of the American League of Lobbyists.

Penny provides executive level strategic counsel to EG, as well as the clients we serve, including corporations, trade associations and local governments in high stakes legislative and regulatory situations. Penny is an esteemed

advocate for clients with issues before Congress, cabinet departments and regulatory agencies. She has held senior career and political appointments in three Administrations. She has a long history of successes with local governments including Denver CO, Charlotte, NC and Modesto, CA.

While representing the City of Denver, CO, Penny worked closely with Elaine Chao when Chao was Deputy Secretary of Transportation in President H.W. Bush’s Administration during the time when the City of Denver was pursuing a Letter of Intent for $500 million from the Department for the new Denver airport. Farthing also was a leader on a government relations team retained by the Los Angeles County Metro Authority. They successfully worked on authorization and funding issues for one of the country’s largest transit agencies. In connection with this assignment, the team’s responsibilities included liaisons with the Department of Transportation, the Federal Transit Administration, OMB as well as the authorizing and appropriations committees of the House and the Senate.

Prior to joining the Estell Group, Penny served as counsel at Bose Public Affairs Group/Bose McKinney & Evans, and partner and senior counsel at Patton Boggs. Penny received her Juris Doctorate from Indiana University, a Bachelor of Arts from Purdue University, and served on the Indiana University School of Law Board of Visitors. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her ground- breaking achievements at the national level.